Take Your Business to the Next Level using Mobile Apps

Mobile phone has now become an indispensable part our lives . It has become the number one companion for us.In fact people feel something is missing if they leave behind their phones.Moreover the availability of unlimited apps adds further to its importance. These apps give an exciting experience which in turn broadens the mobile phones usage. Owing to this surprising fact, neglecting its importance would be fatal to your business specially when your competitors are so into it ie. going mobile.

The following are the features and answer to why you should go for an app for your business.

Customers Deserve Rewards:    A mobile app can be an excellent means to reward and flatter your customers in the form of  Loyalty programs.There are bunch of loyalty apps which helps in attracting your customers back to your website. It also bypasses the need to carry membership cards. You can put all your reward points in one place i.e.  in your loyalty app.

Customer Notification:   You can notify customers about the latest events and promotions with the help of apps. Just avoid flooding mobile screens with notifications. Just send one at a time to prevent irritation.

Keep Your Customers Informed:   Never let your customers miss any promotional offer or event .Keep them updated. This can have a huge impact on your revenues.

Power of push notification: Fact of the day, how many emails get read? 4% and how many push notifications get read? Staggering 97%.App is apt for engagement and keeping your users or customers informed.

Make it Personal: Be it at work, at home or almost everywhere, people carry their smartphones with them all the time. This is an intense personal connection between users and smartphones. On top of this users have ability to customize their usage experience through the downloaded apps. You can extend the worthiness of mobile experience as well as emotional connection by giving a range of configuration options within an app. These types of customization results in greater engagement and  users  return to an app again and again.

“A mobile strategy is a must, especially for local SMB ( most mobile traffic is local search ) Customers searching on their mobile are ready to buy, a bad mobile experience will stop them even trying. A mobile site or response sites have their place but have their own issues on different platform’s and lack some of the smoothness a native app can give. Native app also gives you controls of the phones hardware and these can be used in interesting ways to drive customer interaction, embedded maps camera use etc.”  –  Adam Gayleлобановский александр игоревичкисти бобби браунбитрикс биржа криптовалют

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