Your customers are always on the go. Embrace mobility and reap the benefits.

Going mobile and making it fast seems to be the latest mantra thanks to innovation and consumerization of mobile devices. Enterprises are trying to cash in on this latest wave of innovation to improve productivity and customer satisfaction and create services that are truly anywhere, anytime. But doing this is not as simple as it seems, it needs careful planning and technical expertise to reap the benefits of mobility in a practical and secure way.

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Mobile Strategy & Architecture

Our strategy focuses on a small set of features and just one platform at a time, but with a very polished and evidence based user experience. You would follow this strategy when experience is key to your app or product. Often, the app would substantially be the product.

Mobile Application Development

"The MAD Team", we are a bunch of insane mobile developers constantly toying with awesome pieces of codes.

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Mobile Application Testing

We have a dedicated team of 21 beta testers spread across the globe. Mobile Application Testing brings together Logicnext's deep knowledge of the enterprise, expertise in mobile technologies and strong end-to-end testing practices to help all organizations in successful mobility deployments.

Mobile Analytics

Swipes speak louder than just page views. We boast of one of best mobile and web app analytics & marketing solution with real time insights, metrics, & marketing resources.

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On Mobility


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Logicnext Mobility Value Proposition For Enterprises



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Mobility Management

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