Universal Wisdom Oracle Tarot Card App : Case Study

A Personal Enrichment App

Table of Contents

1) Client Overview

2) Going Digital and Mobile

3) The Solution

4) The Requirement

5) Implementation

6) End Result and ROI

7) App Features

8) Screenshots

Universal Wisdom Oracle Tarot Card App!

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This is a case study about a publishing firm Blue Angel Publishing who wanted to take tarot card reading mobile.

Client Overview

Blue Angel Publishing started life as a specialist book store and art gallery in 1997 and in 2001 evolved into a publishing company. They currently operate as a small boutique and independent publishing house producing some of the finest oracle decks we have seen, including 'Gods and Titans', 'Goddesses and Sirens' and 'Oracle of the Shape shifters'.

Their decks are typically focused on positivity, energy, affirmation and insight which perfectly follow their ethos (and company strap line) of 'Illuminating Hearts and Minds'. Decks such as the 'Lovers Oracle', 'Soul Mate Cards' and Universal Love Healing Oracle' were created to celebrate the growth, culmination and longevity of love, whilst more light-hearted offerings such as 'Dog Wisdom Cards' and 'Cat Wisdom' offer a playful and charming spin on the sometimes overtly serious nature of divination decks. With an increasing roster of authors, ranging from fantasy artists to spirituality experts to white witches, Blue Angel Publishing are at the forefront of the Mind, Body and Spirit realm and continue to release new and exciting decks to this day.

Going Digital and Going Mobile

Everything at Blue Angel Publishing portrayed their high-class image with one exception: An effective distribution channel for their products. We knew right away that they needed a digital solution. What they wanted was to go mobile. The big question was how to build what they needed and get what they wanted without breaking the bank.

The Solution

Blue Angel knew that mobile app was the answer in terms of going digital. What they needed was a trusted development team to turn their product into a mobile solution. “When Blue Angel approached us with their idea,” Logicnext’s Senior Analyst, Jack Aleypan explains, “We immediately recognized that we could rapidly build the perfect iPad / iPhone solution for them because of the many mobile application methodologies we had developed using our own proprietary and custom CMS next for mobile, which is not a one size fits all for all publishing organizations.” The resulting mobile application provided Blue Angel with a sales tool that was as sleek and glamorous as the products they sold.

The Requirement

Blue Angel had very specific requirements, indeed. They needed to emulate one of their products Oracle Wisdom Card in iPhone and iPad with a user-friendly, interactive digital interface that was easy to use and easy to maintain. Additionally:

  •     All of the 45 cards must be fully operational both inside and outside the company’s network.

  •     Sales executives must be able to easily customize marketing campaign within the app and showcase relevant products to prospective buyers.

  •     The app needed to be engaging and interactive for the client.

  •     Cards needed to be easy to navigate, manage and distribute for admin executives.

  •     The product images needed to be high quality, high-resolution images.

Boyle, main developer on the project took the requirements one step further. He explains: “During interface design, we realized this app was going to represent Blue Angel itself each and every time they are being used. The original specs never called for it, but we knew the user interface had to be top-notch – just like the Blue Angel Brand.”

The Implementation

Logicnext worked closely with the staff at Blue Angel to design an elegant and efficient iPad application that now also streamlines their custom sales and marketing process. The app is easy to use, easy to manage and best of all, is engaging for the clients. The benefits of the new app touch all departments: Marketing with greater impact and less effort.

  • The marketing team can now continuously update the dashboard to run a campaign.

  • These updates are immediately available to the users as a call to action for download to the iPads.

  • Preparing actual readings with ease.

  • Users can now have Present, Future reading for a quick overall look at their situation.

  • Shuffle the cards on your device.

  • Simple One Card Reading for everyday guidance.

  • Two Way Spread Reading to help you make an important decision.

  • Celtic Cross Spread Reading to give a more in-depth account of a situation or question.

  • Processing precisely what the client ordered.

  • Possibility to save your card readings to your device & email the card reading to yourself and others.

  • Detailed instructions on how to use the cards and each of the cards spreads.

End Result And ROI

Blue Angel now in fact has a sales tool that is sleek, glamorous and professional. It uses scalable technology that is easy to use and provides a unique and fun user experience. Now the Blue Angel sales process is in line with their core philosophy of exceeding their customers’ expectations. Blue Angel management had this to say about their new iPad solution: Working with Logicnext was a superbly satisfying, engaging, hands-on experience. “We have learned a lot in our discussions with their staff. They used a systematic and agile approach to the projects and made recommendations for a solution that exceeded our expectations”. –, Blue Angel, President & CEO.