Job Description

QA: Software Quality Engineer

3+ years

We are looking for a Software Quality Engineer . Your primary focus will be the testing of weekly delivered software modules or integrated product. Key skills include understanding of complex software workflows and product requirement.

Understanding the software from UX and UI perspective. Follow product requirement and create kickass test cases to completely blow the software apart. The role will require understanding of mobile (mobile apps) and server based software (SAAS).

  • Understanding project requirements.
  • Mapping requirement, UI, UX and finished product to created test cases.
  • Thinking beyond the obvious. (includes reading and reading a lot for knowledge enrichment)
  • Knowledge of test automation is a big plus. Monkey talk, Selenium, JMeter or any other tools that can enhance the testing experience..
Skills And Qualifications:
  • You should be allergic to spot a bug in the software modules. Our Software Quality Engineers have BFA! ( Bug Finding Allergy).
  • Very strong English language skills - verbal and written.
  • Understanding of MVC design patterns.
  • Strong documentation to prove you did find a bug - maybe with interesting tools like video capture or screen capture etc.
  • Programming skill in any scripting or programming language ( basic programming).
  • Understanding fundamental principles behind a REST , MVC based backend ( theoretic understanding).
  • Exposure to mobile platforms like iOS and Android.
  • Exposure to understanding common issues with desktop browsers, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera
  • Understanding issues reported by product users/champions and recreating those bugs in house.
  • Knowledge of test automation is a big plus. MonkeyTalk, Selenium, JMeter or any other tools that can enhance the testing experience.
  • Laying clear list of bugs against each of official dev, production or staging builds having a unique release identifier each.
  • Keep composure when the world around is falling :)
Interview Process:
  • Expect a logical and concept based interview.
  • Don’t expect standard QA interview questions. The questions can vary from everyday things to real and hard core QA challenges.
  • The interview process maybe long and may stretch the whole day. Food and beverages are on us. If you are remotely appearing through Skype. We will provide Amazon gift cards to qualifying candidates.
  • The interview process may entail rounds facing different team leads - design, QA, sales, technology and HR..

Job Summary in a line !

If you are anal retentive and can see problems before people can commit them. Look no further, we are waiting for you with open arms to work with us.