Mobility Solution For Retail

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Mobility Solution For Retail

The digital revolution impacts businesses on an unusual scale.The adoption of analyzing Big Data, cloud computing, social media and mobility between other digital technologies helps to maintain competitive advantage.Organizations are leveraging the potential value of these technologies.These technologies help to re imagine their businesses. Logicnext adapts potential of digital forces to the needs and opportunities in each industry. We help you use data, use different channels to promote customer focus, improve customer and stakeholder engagement and you get reduced operating costs.


The proliferation of smart devices and ease of access to data have changed the face of the traditional IT organization. Social media in addition to offering consumers a chance to connect and share also helps to analyze the amount of data that help companies understand the preferences and behaviors of consumers in general. Digital savvy consumers demand from companies to take advantage of mobility to provide access anytime anywhere. The challenge however, is to reduce operating expenses and to monitor the effectiveness of the entire company. All these factors result in the development of companies such as we know them today, where the consumer is at the center of obsolete processes restructuring operations allowing real-time preview. A true digital enterprise scalable, end-to-end digital solutions, services and platforms to force a fundamental change in the traditional models. Logicnext helps the organization to again imagine their business in the following key areas. Products and services, business models, customer segments, channels, processes and operations. Consultants Logicnext equipped with functional expertise, technical and domain, strategic partnerships, UI and UX designers help you succeed.

Our Solution

Mobility: business and consumer mobility services, including application development, maintenance, strategy consulting, testing, security, and user experience. We build solutions that enable customers to store, process, manage and analyze data.

Social Media: We provide business solutions to help companies listen and respond to customer needs.We also help with the consumer models or cloud services, which enable the management and seamless migration through cloud computing environments, and automating the delivery of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Social media: professional cloud solutions that help body to engage, listen and respond to customer needs, the crowd source ideas and analyze the comments and suggestions of brand strategies. Cloud application services include implementation strategy, management, development and governance. We support all consumer models and cloud computing enable management and seamless migration services.


Our personalized offers , services, innovative delivery models and growth strategies strengthen our partnerships with businesses. With our solutions, you benefit from: accelerated digital transformation: Custom Harness pre-integrated products and reusable assets supported by our investments in R&D, scalability of resources, improvement initiatives, and an ecosystem of alliances and technology partners to increase your digital transformation .Cost efficient operations: optimizing the use of organizational resources and eliminate significant investment on developing customized product, research the traditional customer surveys and third party customers the party by leveraging the capabilities of our Digital Enterprise unit. Improving the scope of customer: Expand to new and untapped market segments, while providing a consistent customer experience with our interaction with customers in real-time solutions. The convergence of five forces allows the development of the organization and robust processes.

The Advantage

Logicnext motivates clients to innovate by embracing digital services and solutions, and creating a new paradigm of sustainable competitiveness. We help revitalize business operations through: Digital Re imagination. We help customers re imagine their businesses by leveraging the digital five forces to reimagine business models, products, and services, customer segments, channels, business processes and workplaces. Unique Product Portfolio: Our in-house developed products, connectors, and solution accelerators are driven by innovations in technology, with our mobility offerings extending into the emerging class of wearable computing devices. Digital Marketing Solutions: Logicnext Inc end to end offerings cover the spectrum of marketing requirements-digital and social media strategy, customer and marketing analytics, enterprise marketing management, customer experience design and listening insight across channels-helping to create a connected brand experience.