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Logicnext Inc.

Logicnext is a global IT products and Services Company offering software development and IT consulting solutions to enterprises worldwide. Since its inception , Logicnext has focused on creating value for its clients by providing state of the art technology solutions in the most innovative and cost effective ways possible.

Logicnext has served corporations of all shapes and sizes and has increased their productivity, time to market and product quality. We have over 500+ man-years of software development and IT consulting experience in the field of enterprise software, mobile software and embedded software. Our 100+ highly skilled engineers, architects, and project managers lead our battle to provide state of the art software solutions to our customers. Logicnext adopts its enhanced 24*5 global delivery model to ensure faster, accurate and cost effective services to its customers.

Logicnext specializes in creating highly scalable mobile and web-based systems for corporations. We have helped organizations with integrated mobile and cloud solutions which has helped them in creating and reaching more customers. Our consulting teams have helped organizations increase profitability and reduce turnaround times in most of the business processes. Our Embedded software and products division provides the much needed reduction in time to market for hardware manufactures by providing software solutions tailor made to work with their hardware, right from the firmware to the user interface development.

We have catered to development requirements of organizations of various sizes and demography. Our customers include companies from highly innovative startups to large corporations to non-profits. Logicnext has served over 125 customers in 11 different countries.

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Position ourselves as a leading IT consulting and software development services corporation Provide all our customers with timely and innovative solution Create value for our customers by providing cost effective technology solutions and consulting.

Help build a better world by implementing clean and green IT processes


Provide innovative technology solutions to clients, helping them to reach the next level, cost effectively, quickly and accurately."


We provide state of the art infrastructure support to our customers, which include:

  • High end workstations and multi platform servers
  • Dedicated servers for application hosting, testing, demos, and presentations
  • State of the art communication facilities with 24*7 VoIP calling, teleconferencing instant access through messengers, P2P connectivity using remote access tools, and robust e-mail services
  • 24x7x365 power support as back up on generators and UPS
  • Managed Network with Code Repositories - CVS, SVN, &VSS; Firewall, SQUID Proxy and PDC access
  • Access to all kinds of development boards, mobile phones, tablets and servers.

Logicnext Team

Our team comprises of experienced and enthusiastic professionals having extensive knowledge of the technology and business domains. Highly experienced consultants and managers, who are adept in large-scale deployments and team management, lead the development teams. Most of the teams have young and dynamic professionals who come up with innovative ideas and boost our solutions offered for our customers.

Our team of creative and design professionals cater to the user interface and design requirements across various projects. Graphic designers, UIX engineers and UI design architects form part of the design team.

Our consulting group comprises of highly experienced engineers, architects and IT specialist who have worked on mission critical applications and large-scale projects. Consultants helps us provide IT consulting across major verticals like finance, FMCG, Insurance , Retail , Logistics , Consumer engineering etc.

Logicnext's offers strategic partnership initiatives with key business outfits in the industry. It works with NGO's and non-profits also. It is privately funded.

The company's mission statement is

"Provide innovative technology solutions to clients, helping them to reach the next level, cost effectively, quickly and accurately."