Big Data

Your customers are always on the go. Embrace mobility and reap the benefits.

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The enormous amount of data is growing day by day and forward thinking companies realize a traditional business intelligence solution which is not enough to keep up. The value of big data can only be captured by robust solution that can use raw data to make a usable product, thereby giving business leaders insight into the company and customers.

Mobile Strategy

Logicnext provides innovative and value driven big data solutions that help companies store, process and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data. We determine the big data technology solution that favors the unique needs of the business. Our senior consultants provide the expertise needed to determine where to focus to get the most value from big data. Logicnext provides solutions that will help you store , process and analyze large amounts of structured and un structured data .Your unique needs will be complimented our big data solutions .Our consultants provide the expertise to know where to focus and get value from big data.

Big Data Services:

  • Leverage your data within the organization and improve every decision.
  • Our big data capabilities include master data management, data warehouse, business intelligence reporting, data visualization, and industry analytics.

Logicnext uses a unique research, mix and develop methodology to assist clients define their Big Data strategy. Our experts, needless to say, with strong domain knowledge are here to help our clients decide the open source technologies or commercial product vendors. We are known to create architectures that are part of a whole solution that includes your existing data management systems. We can help you with big data technologies, like Hadoop, and NoSQL technologies.

Big Data Consulting:

  • Data strategy for BI ( Need and Benefit)
  • Choosing the right component
  • Developing the architecture
  • Detailed production level architecture and Data Flow Design
  • Topology and Deployment architecture design
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Business Architecture

As an end to end solutions partner, we help our clients with complete business architecture to help them in their product development endeavor. Business architecture is the most important aspect of product design and implementation. Our consulting team asses the strengths and weaknesses of the client business and then frames an architecture that suits their business and technology requirements.

Technical Architecture

The relationship between business and technology is important .The consulting experts at Logicnext help clients build a robust technical architecture. Making business mobile requires the precision of logicnext, with its demonstrated legacy of providing excellent mobility solutions which caters to the client's technical necessities.

Project Implementation

Manifesting an idea or a project is a tremendous task in and of itself. The planning phase may make a project foolproof, but when it is put into practice, project feasibility can be thrown into doubt. The mobility consulting team at Logicnext helps clients to take their first step towards implementation. We provide our clients with an implementation plan that covers both business and technology aspects. A business needs a dependable partner to help them become mobile-enabled.

Implementation Management

The success or failure of any technical deployment depends on correct implementation. The mobility consulting team at Logicnext provides its clients with optimized implementation management processes to reap maximum profit. Logicnext Mobility Consulting consists of a team of industry veterans who have dealt with mobility solutions for a long time and hence provide concise and effective consulting solutions to their clients.